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Emma Goldman’s ‘Mother Earth’ & Nietzsche

Below is an ad from Emma Goldman’s journal Mother Earth, advertising the collected works of Frederich Nietzsche, which could be ordered directly through the magazine. This ad originally appeared in the November 1912 issue, and the magazine offered Nietzsche’s works for sale through 1914.

Frere Dupont on “Leaderless Leninism”

In the end the band of brothers that is the historic-formal party is capable only of reproducing the received structuring of an apparently neutral ‘effectiveness’ in decision making – and by such means, enters competitively for its share in the marketplace of established interests. I would suggest, as an alternative to the leaderless leninism of those who would diverge partially from the party-form (substituting unions, federations, networks, fora and other forms) that another step is required, i.e. a disinvestment from formal structures of decision-making altogether. In place of structure there should be initiated attempts at de-structuring, this would take the form of negative interventions aimed at relaxing the hold within organisations of those determining factors which have thus far caused the proletariat to consistently decide wrongly.

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from Frere Dupont, “The Most Average Length Suicide Note in History” (draft)

New World Liberation Front (NWLF) – 1977 article

RADICAL ARCHIVES note: Some readers will be particularly interested in the NWLF’s explicitly antisemitic “anti-Zionist” theories, as mentioned in the middle of the article.

NWLF: good hit, no pitch
Celine Hagbard

The New World Liberation Front, a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist organization which has carried out an uninterrupted urban guerilla offensive around the Bay Area and Northern California for almost three years, may well be the most tactically advanced guerilla group in the United States. As a result of recent theoretical pronouncements on anarchism, feminism, homosexuality and Zionism, however, they have made themselves the most controversial guerillas within the revolutionary left as well.

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