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Romanian Secret Police on Anarchist Fanzines

[From the You Can’t Make This Shit Up department…]

When [the anarchists] were involved with Young Friends of Nature, the NGO I planted trees with, the [Romanian] authorities did not seem to mind their presence. But recently, the secret police took notice. They authored a series of articles for the country’s tabloids about the anarchist threat. Mani leaves for a moment and returns with a newspaper.

“It says here we are Satanists. And down here, it says we all practice bestiality and necrophilia. And you know, fanzines?” We all nod – in America, we usually just call them zines. “Well, they almost got this right. It says here that anarchists make home-made magazines, except it then says the fanzines are child pornography, sold on street corners in order to buy hashish.”

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from Suffled How It Gush: A North American Anarchist in the Balkans by Shon Meckfessel (Oakland/Edinburgh/Baltimore: AK Press, 2006/2009), p 271–272.

Fredy Perlman on Paul Baran (1965)


This is the reaction to the news of Paul Baran’s death of an American pursuing graduate studies in economics at the University of Belgrade, Yugoslavia.

The MONTHLY REVIEW with the news that Paul Baran is dead arrived in Belgrade yesterday (May 15th).

To those of us who were young enough to consider Baran a teacher and not a colleague, he was what Thomas Mann called an “archetype.” Offered the narrow experience of the “well defined scientific project,” we are able to resist only because of the force of Baran’s profound experience. His esteem for the critical intellect, his demonstration that the field of this intellect is not an academic discipline but the world of suffering and struggle, his proof that today as well as in the time of Vico, Hegel, and Marx, man can grasp and change what man constructed, are the instruments with which we evaluate all other “methodologies.”

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