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_____________. The reactionary consequences of national liberation movements

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Bookchin, Murray. On Malatesta and syndicalism

_____________. Anarchism is “simply not a social theory”

_____________. anarchism vs anarcho-syndicalism

_____________. Anarchism vs Syndicalism

_____________. in praise of hippie “Youth Culture” and “life-style”

_____________. Using x-rays for hair removal and fitting children’s shoes

Bone, Ian. How Crass’s Penny Rimbaud Saved EP Thompson from Being Decapitated by Class War

Bradford, George. See David Watson.

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Cohn, Norman. On the heresy of the Free Spirit

Cohn-Bendit, Gabriel & Daniel . Louis Aragon vs the Parisian students of ’68

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Fifth Estate staff. “FE Criticized and Our Response”

Foucault, Michel. On the Frankfurt School

Goldman, Emma. On technology

Gouldner, Alvin. Marxism, independent intellectuals, and the academy

Graham, Marcus. “FE View Not New. . .”

Gramsci, Antonio. On Lukács and the dialectic in human vs natural history

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J. T. “Two Letters from Palestine”

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Kaza, Greg. “Hitler’s Klanarchist”

Laqueur, Walter. On assassinations of Arab binationalists

Lasn, Kalle. “Why Won’t Anyone Say They Are Jewish?

Lefebvre, Henri. “The Spontaneous”

___________. On If He’s an Anarchist

Lefort, Claude. The abolition of power as totalitarian

Libertarian League. “What We Stand For”

Lipset, Seymour Martin. on the Black Panthers and antisemitism.

Malatesta, Errico. nineteenth-century anarchism impregnated with marxism

____________. on Bakunin as “too marxist”

Mao Zedong. On bookworms

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Meltzer, Albert. variants of anarchism dreamed up by professors

Mirbeau, Octave. “anarchism has a broad back…”

Moore, John. Book of Levelling

Mother Earth. ad selling Nietzsche’s collected works

Nervous Gender. Interview with Nervous Gender

New Presence, Prague’s massive Global Street Party action

Nettlau, Max. On Bakunin and syndicalism

Notes from Some Portland Anarchists

Oliver, Juan García. Syndicalism vs Anarchism

Perlman, Fredy. On Paul Baran’s Death

Pernicone, Nunzio. On Italian “individualist” anarchists

Radical Archives. ‘The Origins of Primitivism’ set (1977-1988)

Revolutionary Anarchist #3

Revolutionary Socialist League (RSL). “What We Stand For”

Rocker, Rudolf. Yiddish translation of Nietzsche’s Thus Spoke Zarathustra

Runter von der Matte – Kein Handshake mit Nazis!, “The U.S. Neo-Nazi Rise Above Movement’s 2018 European Vacation”

Schiz-Flux: “War Chest Tour”

Schwartz, Harry.  The Sino-Soviet Split as Revisionism versus Global Race War

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Shatter, Will. Letter to Fifth Estate on punk

Skirda, Alexandre. On “Jewish capital” and the Dreyfuss Affair

Social Revolutionary Anarchist Federation (SRAF). Declaration

Some Questions of Socialist Construction and of the Struggle Against Revisionism

Spengler, Oswald. on anarchists

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___________ . Interview with Nervous Gender

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U.S. News and World Report, Chumbawamba, the Pentagon, and the Bombing of Iraq

Views and Comments. “Stalinism Without Stalin”

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___________ . “Against the Megamachine”

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__________ . Introduction to “ ‘The Original Affluent Society’ –  Searching for the Culprit”

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Without Borders. graphic

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Zerzan, Paula. “FE Criticized and Our Response”

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