Frere Dupont on “Leaderless Leninism”

In the end the band of brothers that is the historic-formal party is capable only of reproducing the received structuring of an apparently neutral ‘effectiveness’ in decision making – and by such means, enters competitively for its share in the marketplace of established interests. I would suggest, as an alternative to the leaderless leninism of those who would diverge partially from the party-form (substituting unions, federations, networks, fora and other forms) that another step is required, i.e. a disinvestment from formal structures of decision-making altogether. In place of structure there should be initiated attempts at de-structuring, this would take the form of negative interventions aimed at relaxing the hold within organisations of those determining factors which have thus far caused the proletariat to consistently decide wrongly.

= = =

from Frere Dupont, “The Most Average Length Suicide Note in History” (draft)

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